The Christmas That Santa Got A New Make Up Set

The Christmas that Santa got a new *** make up set was one of the most colourful that there had ever been. Christmas was now so multi – coloured, Christmas was in blue, purple, red as well as in red and green ! The Christmas cards had never been so bright – there was a different colour, in every fairy light ! Even the stars seemed to flash brighter when they shone at night. They mesmerised the robin alright ! so he flew clear out of sight.

“Great !”, said Santa as he opened up the pack – not realising that really it was intended for the Christmas Fairy, accidentally falling out of his knapsack. He unwrapped it rather quick and fell completely in love with the shades of *** lipstick ! Santa got started straight away – soon, everything was a different colour everyday !

With the *** mascara, Santa painted the sleigh tyres grey (he didn’t much like the colour of his muddy tyres anyway !). The green trees were soon pink. Thinking it was milkshake, I dare think ! even the cat had multi – coloured whiskers, when he went to take a drink ! Once Santa received a *** make – up gift, there was never again a need to paint or decorate – only open the beautiful display of __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ which was great ! One of Santa’s multi – coloured mistletoe kisses once missed, he slipped and kissed the Gerome the gnome’s missus ! With the *** powder, Santa and Gerome the gnome made a snowman … which when melted, of course, painted the watering can ! The icicles on Gerome the gnome’s garden shed, soon became cold water particles, instead. The snowflakes sprinkled, were in brown, yellow and red and left a masterpiece, in the flowerbed ! With the *** blusher, rather than muddy, the robin turned ruddy, all because someone bought a *** make – up kit for his Christmas buddy. With the *** eyeliner Santa wrote, the name of *** on a piece of paper and put it in the pocket of his Winter coat. When, over Santaland, he started to sneeze, out dropped the paper and flew away in the breeze … the piece of paper on which the name *** was clearly spelt, became quite magic (though Santa had difficulty keeping it underneath his belt). Santa made the magic piece of paper into a Christmas card, which he posted all over the world. The world soon heard of the brilliant Good news, about the *** make – up set, in all different coloured hues.

© Jacqueline Richards 2008

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__ __ __ fill in the gaps with *** make – up kit features and selling points


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