Santa’s Trip To The *** Jeweler’s Shop

In Santaland, where Winters are often cold and dull, jewels are very much needed, to make celebrations wonderful. One particularly sparkling Christmas, Santa was enjoying spending his time flying over *** jewelers, when he heard the town hall clock chime. He was getting late – to get all the way around the world, he would have to quickly accelerate. Naturally, at *** jewelery shop, there was eveything size shape, sort of present indeed. To make sure that Christmas succeeded, a visit to *** was what was really needed ! Rudolph piled expensive presents so high on his sleigh, that soon it wouldn’t move and they couldn’t fly away. Even the police couldn’t get the wheels to budge (probably because they were scoffing rather a large box of fudge !). Santa always knows how to save the day – giving the sleigh a hefty boot so forwards and backwards it did sway. When Santa’s sleigh crashes, lightening flashes – Santa heads off over the rooftops, in his usual kind of dashes. At Midnight, high above ***, the temperature dropped to minus ten – Gerome the gnome dropped a bagful (and had to pick them up again !). Santa’s trip to the *** jewelry shop is one of his favourite indeed – there are gems of every type that a Christmas fairy could ever possibly need. Although she was only three inches tall, her diamond studded dress meant she could be seen clearly from the other side of the hall. The gnomes, of course, loved emeralds in shiny green – their party hats were the most glittering that had ever been. But Funky Fred (a friendly fellow), preferred a precious stone that was yellow. Ethelred (the blushing gnome), like rubies which he hid all around his home. Santa too loved rubies, red and diamond white – to suit his suit and make thier journey well lit, at night. He confused the amber jewels with a traffic light ! Gerome the gnome said blue ones were best – he kept a handful of shiny saphirres in the pocket of his vest. When he sneezed, he had to take care, to make sure his Christmas present from *** wasn’t splattered everywhere ! He said, in limerick “thank you”, as they flew, “These are the most perfect jewels that he ever knew !”. After many years of flying by the light of the Moon, Rudolph agreed moonstone would match his fur coat nicely – he sang about it in a tune as he headed off nightly. To the end of the rainbow and back, Santa kept all the gnomes on track (there was even another precious stone in jet black !). The year that Santa visited the *** jewelry shop, was rather special (with gold and silver medallions made out of precious metal). Mrs. Christmas had an idea – to wrap a jewel in each cracker – like a string of pearls, what a smacker ! One might get lost in Santa’s beard, she feared. So she tied a label with the name of each gnome, making sure the cards didn’t get dog – eared. The string of topaz and opal precious stones were Santa’s delight – he could see them sparkle through the grotto window, as he landed from mid – flight.

 © Jacqueline Richards 2009

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