The Christmas That Supper Gate – Crashed

On his regular tour of Santaland, Santa’s robin sometimes didn’t land at all – in fact, he was happiest two thousand feet above the ground, where he could only just see the garden wall. There often isn’t time to stop – as one by one the presents drop and drop. One particularly memorable Christmas, Santa huffed and puffed with all his might, as the sleigh swerved around the corner, quickly in mid flight. The reindeers floated their way through clouds that seemed to be made of double cream – with sugar coated raindrops : a robin’s greatest dream ! The sleigh knew the way all by itself – guided to a landing by candles put out by the elf. The garden path made an excellent flight path … but no – one said anything about a bird bath ! Back in the grotto, Santa usually kept his parrot in a golden cage, by the television, where it spent hours learning the lyrics to all the programmes – three feet taller than the fireplace, tapping his two feet .. until one Christmas the parrot decided that it would like a race and quickly worked up a heat. Being magical, it didn’t take too many flaps for them to be zooming off into outer space. As they headed off over hills towards the horizon, they spent so long watching the weather, no one noticed that each parrot dropped a feather (must have been travelling at quite a pace !). Santa’s parrot had always marvelled at the crows. They too admired the parrot’s colourful feathers – just like sleigh’s packages – each present adorned in bows. Whilst shake, rattle and roll was being played on the stereo, everyone headed off in a rush – soon to be covered in snowy slush. All the gnomes cheered – who would be quickest around the grotto – how fast ? how slow ? how high ? how low ? No wonder Rudolph’s nose was beginning to glow ! Needless to say, amidst all of this admiring, no one saw the Christmas tree decorations – and they all crashed into the wiring ! It really should have been the altitude about which they were so inquiring. Outside, in even more of a spin, Jupiter closer and closer loomed. Then a quick left and towards Mars the sleigh zoomed. Although Santa’s parrot tried to duck, in a fir branch he quickly got stuck (right above the gift wrapped truck). Baubles splattered everywhere, most of the pine needles landed on the chair ! A few underneath the table, even more outside in the reindeers’ stable. That evening, when Santa sat down to eat … three stuck neat in his feet ! As tinsel glittered, the room became littered. When the parrot crashed into her mince pies, she became even more embittered. The parrot didn’t mean to be so rude, when into the Christmas fairy he accidentally cruised, leaving her head spinning and her elbow bruised. If only the parrot had been a little more clairvoyant, to see danger coming, then the tree wouldn’t haven’t been so bouyant. But when asked, what his ideal gift would be, a sleigh ride with Santa was the parrrot’s greatest wish – number one, then, PAZAZZ !, the wish was done. So the same problem didn’t happen again, the following year, Santa gave the parrot an aeroplane. © Jacqueline Richards 2009

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