Helter Skelter Astro Mouse


The Astro mouse loved to helter skelter, he slip and slid around the Milky Way every day. In fact, the helter skeltering Astro mouse was quicker than lightening, they say.The helter skelter was half a kilometre off the ground, Astro mouse paid a pound to spin round and round.Astro mouse was soon in a spin.When he flew off the end, he just missed the bin ! The dodgems really weren’t that tall …The helter skelter was his favourite attraction of all. Helter – skeltering was better than a fairground swing, when he was helter – skeltering, he forgot everything. Astro mouse skeltered through the hole in the ozone, he caught moondust and a few stars, which he used as a gemstone. Very soon, there were stars in his eyes, his head span as he helter – skeltered through the skies.

alien-6.jpg 1. If the helter skelter was 150 metres high and an astro – mouse slid one – third of the way down, how far did he go ?

alien-6.jpg 2. How much further could he slide down the helter skelter ?

alien-6.jpg 3. If the Astro mouse took 5 minutes to slip 10 metres down the helter skelter, how long did it take him to slide the whole way down ?

alien-6.jpg 4. The Astro mouse climbed one quarter of the way up the steps. If there were 500 steps, how many steps a) had he climbed ? b) did he have further to climb ?

alien-6.jpg 5. At the bottom of the helter – skelter was a man collecting tickets, but he dropped 10 % of the 200 tickets he collected. Oops ! How many were left in his hand ?

alien-6.jpg 6. Astro mouse spent 5 hours on the fairground rides on Mars – the swing, roundabout and helter – skelter in a ratio of 2 : 4 : 5. How long did he spend on each ? (Give your answer to 3 decimal places).

alien-6.jpg Circle the letters H – E – L inside these words.












hell – bent


helter-skelter.jpg How many other things spiral like a helter skelter ? 

© Jacqueline Richards 2007

Answers : 1. 50 m2. 100 m3. 150 / 10 x 5 = 75 minutes4. a) 125 b) 3755. 1806. (5 x 60 = 300) / 11 = 27.272 therefore, swing : roundabout : helter – skelter 54.545 : 109.090 : 136

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