The Cheetah Who Bought A Two – Seater


When the heater broke in Peter the cheetah’s car engine, he really was upset. Now, he had no way of getting to work … and the tyres were flat, I bet. Peter the cheetah filled up with fuel – it dripped onto the floor, so he considered the problem some more … perhaps travelling by a mule would be best ? (I bet that they didn’t need an MOT test !). Peter the cheetah knew that he was one of the fastest animals in the jungle and his carberetter caused a rumble. But when it came to driving cars, he usually took a tumble. With every loose screw and burnt out fuse, his frustration simply grew and grew. But how to get his ol’ banger to work properly, he didn’t have a clue (and nobody else knew !).So Peter the cheetah stopped off at the shops. First, he tried just window shopping, but the windscreen wipers were flops. He looked at the racing catalogue – which was the brightest car (but also the most expensive in the shop by far). So Peter the cheetah decided to settle, for a two seater moped, with a little less metal. He polished his new moped daily and very soon it shone … it took a few attempts to kick start it, but soon, off he was gone. After about a mile or so, the moped chugged and started to slow. A few more feet and it didn’t go. Peter the cheetah had hit a pot – hole in the road, the pedal had become loose and the exhaust started to explode ! He really wasn’t having very much luck – whenever he fixed something, it became unstuck ! Peter the cheetah asked a passing lorry for a tow, but the lorry driver said he was sorry … and that he didn’t think he could get the moped to go ! Just then, on the pavement, a lion was passing by, who said that he’d taken a course in car maintenance once – and perhaps he should have a try ? The lion fiddled in the middle, twisted and turned. Very soon, the engine was roaring so loud, that the temperature guage positively burned !Before the moped got stuck in a drift, “Jump on – I’ll give you a lift !”, cried Peter the cheetah, as the gears he shift. As they headed off towards the Sun, Peter found that a bicycle made for two is much more fun !


Two’s Company

Where should the word “two” go inside these words ? Which words are hyphenated, separate or not ?






© Jacqueline Richards 2008

Answers :

two – seater

two dimenstional

two faced

two sided


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